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May 2015 - Our new Projects and Programs! Visit our new website here to see what we've been up to. :-)

March 2015 - BREAKING NEWS! Our new d4k PLUS® website, a new experimental project launched by our group is up and running now. You can visit us here

February 2015 - Joined BBCJ talk on Sustainability by Unilever's Paul Pollman.

This Paul Polman (CEO of Unilever) last night at BCCJ talking about sustainability. If we could multiply this man into a billion people I would. What’s been devastating our global economic growth leaving many people hungry while a tiny minority enjoys mega affluence is the mere sense of purpose in business and beyond. In business, when the common good becomes its mission and an inherent part of its model, when the CEO/leader is a “good” human being with a clear sense of purpose who doesn’t know it all but knows well who to work with and how, when business transparency becomes a way of trust, dignity and responsibility rather than worry and anxiety, when products and services produced create cultures of wellbeing and growth, when success is measured through long term goals that change the world for the better rather than quarterly profits that serve the share holders, when inclusion and diversity creates a mosaic of teams bursting in talent, sharing the trust and the common mission to do good, when a dive into the unknown becomes a journey towards change, a learning process and a challenge that fears no short term failures but embraces long term gains, when competition is not about existing on the expense of others but about thriving to nurture, embrace, serve and respect humanity and our world … this to us is the realisation of a dream of what we thought was lost.. It's when you use the power you're given and turn it into a waterfall of hope and light reaching every corner of the world.. This is what Paul does.. and we respect!


May 2014 - Dancing4Kids is a great supporter of TEDxTokyo and TED talks because we believe that the world needs new and powerful ideas in order to create change and make our world a better place to be for everyone. On May 5th Chrissi Theodorakakos (founder of Dancing4Kids) led one of the 4 teams volunteered to turn Shibuya red for TEDxTokyo through the biggest flashmob ever to take place at the most famous crossing in Tokyo. Beautiful people, great teamwork, a mission accomplished (hooray!!) and a video in the make. Tune in on May 31st for TEDxTokyo 2014 conference live and check it all out !!

November 2013 - The release of our short documentary "The Ordinary Man"

October 2013 - A busy month with plenty of dancing & art !!

"Dancing e-motions" by Dancing4Kids

Introducing you to our friends from around the world who danced with us to bring gifts and love to the children and communities we support. "Dancing e-motions" is a dancing chorus where we, our artists/ supporters and the children of Two Sisters dance together to connect and share our love. "Dancing e-motions" flow from Japan to South Africa and back. The show is always on! ;-)

"Dancing e-motions" by Dancing4Kids


"Art in Motion" fundraiser by Dancing4Kids

On Thursday Oct 17th at Oakwood Premier Tokyo, we had yet another fundraiser, a combination of art (live body paint by french artist Francoise Lions) and dance (children dance for Africa). It was a colorful evening full of energy and joy and we were able to raise ¥50,000 for the children of Two Sisters in South Africa! We thank everyone who supported us!! 

Video: Introducing you to our little friends

Video: "Art in Motion" event


July 2013  - Dancing4Kids has become an official member of the International Dance Council of UNESCO !!

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