A special gift for Dancing4Kids by 37 Frames Photography

Another special gift from our lovely friends from 37Frames Photography
They spent hours under the sun carrying their cameras and bags full of heavy equipment.. They even shuffled around their busy schedule to make sure they could be there for us.. and they did.. with tons of energy and in good spirit Tracy Taylor from 37Frames Photography and friend photographer Emma Homerlein joined us on this very special day as our main photographers. This was the day of the recording of the music video for our new film & music production "The Ordinary Man", one of our most important projects to date. This project was born in the beginning of 2010 with a beautiful song created for us by the amazing band The Beautiful Losers. What made this project even more unique was the fact that our performers, believe it or not, was a group of 14 acrobatic dancers/performers from Cirque Du Soleil ZED who personally volunteered to participate in our project. In order to capture the unique talents and enormousity of these amazing Cirque Du Soleil professionals who volunteered as choreographers and performers for us we had to work with the absolute best !!! And we did!

Our new Dancing4Kids short film and music project "The Ordinary Man" is being developed by us for the benefit of the children of Two Sisters we support in South Africa. "The Ordinary Man" song is dedicated to the founder of Two Sisters Mr. Patrick Chamusso, our dear friend and a humanitarian icon to many around the world! Visit our photo gallery here to meet everyone and possibly discover a reason and/or a way (your way) to help them too.

Here is a taste of generosity by our kind friends from 37 Frames Photography and Cirque Du Solei ZED during the recording of "The Ordinary Man" music video!
A gift from 37Frames
This project is due for completion by the end of 2010 and it will be used as an on-going fundraising tool for the benefit of South African children in need. We are forever grateful to our team and sponsors for supporting us.

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