Chrissi Theodorakakos

Chrissi Theodorakakos - Managing Director, Network Creator: Born and raised in Athens-Greece and moved to the UK in late teens. Studied in London, achieving a Masters Degree (Msc) in Business & Computing at the City University of London. Spent years in the UK, working and travelling globally on corporate strategic projects as a leader and Process Management consultant. Major companies include Bechtel and General Electric (GE). In GE I became an Information Management Leader and then moved onto becoming a “Black Belt” after completing the training on Jack Welche’s strategic Six Sigma Quality Initiative. Additional experience includes IT strategy and infopreneurship.
I am the creator of this network and I manage all projects since 2008. I am also responsible for the funding and the production of all new fundraising events and performances. If you want to collaborate with us or volunteer for any of our activities please contact me directly though this site or by email on: Currently living in Tokyo.

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