Dancing4Kids music video premier "The Ordinary Man"- Sept 22 2010

On September 22nd SACCJ hosted the premier of our new music video "The Ordinary Man". This is the first part of our special film project planned for release at the end this year. The music video features a group of amazing performers from Cirque Du Soleil ZED, our young friends from Mondesign, and the children we support in South Africa together with their "father", the world renowned humanitarian Mr Patrick Chamusso. The song "The Ordinary Man" was made for us by the american band "The Beautiful Losers" and was written about Patrick Chamusso, who calls himself an ordinary man.

We were delighted to have our performers & team join us among the other amazing guests and members of SACCJ. This special party was a combined event of gorgeous South African wine tasting and our music video Premier. During the opening of the event some of our Cirque Du Soleil friends gave us a fabulous performance with electric violin (by Paul Lazaar - ZED), tap dance (by Anatoli Akermann - ZED) and acrobatic act (by Semion Bazavlouk - Battle Beasts). The background was filled by fantastic images of our Cirque Du Soleil team, taken by our award winning photographer friends from 37Frames Photography, during the making of our video. The evening closed with a short performance by the Japanese/South African pop-singer Baby M (also Ambassador of Music between Japan and South Africa) and a special ruffle draw where 10 colorful ostrich leather wallets donated to us by Horiuchi Trading Co were given as prices to our wining guests.It was an unforgettable night for all of us and we thank SACCJ for donating 500 yen per ticket to our cause (benefiting the children of Two Sisters in South Africa) and for generously supporting our project.

The video from this party was recorded by Cris Umbermann TELEMAK FLMS), who is also the videographer of our new production, "The Ordinary Man".

Click here to view feedback about this event by our friends from 37Frames photography!

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