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Drue Kataoka (www.Drue.net) is an artistandflutist born in Tokyo and based in Palo Alto, CA. She isarecipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research &EducationInstitute Award. In 2001, Drue endowed the Drue KataokaRotary ArtsScholarship. Drue’s commissioned art includes: apainting for thefirst Zero Gravity art exhibition at theInternational SpaceStation; album cover art and jazz portraits forWynton Marsalis;multiple collaborations with winemakers includingoriginal labelsfor Au Bon Climat to benefit the Make a WishFoundation, HighMuseum of Art in Atlanta, the Chicago Lyric Operaand for Chef RoyYamaguchi. Her clients range from fortune 500 CEOsto privateindividuals and families. Her charitable work includesfundraisingwith her art for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America,the KoretFoundation, the Legal Aid Society, & StanfordUniversityminority Scholarships. Her art has been covered by CNN,ABC, CBS,NBC affiliates, & in print by San Jose Mercury News,SanFrancisco Chronicle and others. In January 2011, Drue willspeakand present her art at the World Economic Forum inDavos,Switzerland.



"World Sky" project - by Drue Kataoka



Inspiration Behind World Sky

WorldSky is inspired by the question:  What if you could see allthe skies in the world at once!  Some crystal-clear, some filled with smog, some cloudless, come cloudy, some shown during daytime, in the evening or night. 


What is World Sky?

World Sky is a collaborative project to collectively build a global image of the Sky different yet universal everywhere.  Everybody owns their piece of the sky symbolizing hope and optimism, even under dark circumstances.

Reach for the sky! 

Sky is the limit..

Out of the blue sky..

Sky high..

The sky is the universal symbol of hope. Children dream, people pray, scientists get inspired, women look up when giving birth, calamity victims look up to the sky in search of hope during their darkest moments.



Why World Sky?

This collaborative work of art shines a light on the plight of women around the world.  On top of the "sky canvas" I am painting the face of a woman giving birth. Childbirth is the leading cause of death for women in third world countries.



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