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Japan Earthquake Support 

A Special Message about The Great Japan Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami!

You are not alone, our friends in Japan! On March 11th 2011 the great Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and the damage to the nuclear reactors have marked the beginning of a new era of unity and collaboration of people in Japan and across the world for the support of this remarkable nation. Dancing4Kids have established new projects in and outside of Japan to help the children of Tohoku currently living in shelters. We are also working with and supporting various organizations striving to rebuild Japan. We are just a part of a massive network of people volunteering to bring hope and end the suffering caused by this overwhelming destruction. Now is the time for all of us to show our love and respect to the people of a nation that has shown the most remarkable strength and fortitude and now need our help to rebuild their future.. which is our future too!

Supporting the Sing for Japan Project (by Tyler Foundation)

A wonderful project where children from around the world are asked to sing and perform a particular song (produced by the Tyler Foundation) on a video to support Tohoku. We arranged Greece's participation with extraordinary results!


Greece's version of "Who I want To Be" as a tribute and commemorate for Japan March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, under "Sing for Japan" project. 

Eleutheria Varkados lead & backing vocals, guitar, alto xylophone, percussion 
Nestoras Vassilakis lead & backing vocals, alto saxophone, bass xylophone, percussion, Philippos Batsalias lead & backing vocals, piano, Iason Batsalias participates on the video, Elena Michailou alto metallophone, Dimitri Vassilakis drums, bass, keyboards, mixing and mastering

video shots by Elena Michailou, Kostis Batsalias, Dimitri Vassilakis 
video editing Kostis Batsalias 

The kids (11-14 years old) are from Porto Rafti & Vravrona areas of Attica Greece, Video was shot at the coastal area near the ancient Artemis Temple in Vravrona, Recording and video shoot 4th & 5th March 2012


Supporting the Nico Nico Smile Project (by Drum Cafe Japan)

We are proud to support this amazing project and we do this through our collaboration with Drum Cafe Japan on very special events that provide great awareness and funding.


Activity Report

March 2012

On the anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake (March 11th 2012) Greece submitted the video to the Tyler Foundation for its participation in "Sing for Japan" project. 



December 2011

On December 20th we collaborated with Drum Cafe Japan and raised 65,000 JPY for this project.
See "Smile beat at a time" event

General information:

Here is a list of registered NPOs we recommend for you to support through cash donations, volunteering and/or supplies:


LIVING DREAMS  - The Tohoku Kids Project












Japanese Red Cross





Here is a list of our friends’ projects supporting Japan through special artistic collaborations, workshops and networking blogs:


Nico Nico Smile Project - by Drum Cafe Japan


Sunrise 2011: The Suns of the World for Japan - By artist Drue Karaoka



Powerful photojournalism from our photographer friends of 37Frames:


Groups on Facebook:

Rebuild Japan:

Foreign Volunteers Japan:

My Japan:

Photographers Unite for Japan


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