Kaparitan Int'l FNDN & Voice of Hope

"Voice of Hope"

We promote the work of this newly registered NPO based in Tokyo, which supports children in need in South Africa and the Philippines. Registration number: 0100-0501-5978
This NPO is founded by Ms Monica Hiu who is also the founder of Kaparitan International Foundation INC registered in the Philippines in 1999 - Sec.Reg.No A199905335 - Lubang eco social foundation

Monica's profile page
Monica explains:
"I started this foundation to support children from Japanese decent at first. I then started visiting slums, in developing countries and found out that in the Philippines, children who living inside the slums do not survive for more than 5 years if they are not supported by the feeding centers.

I began my charity by helping children and fighting against poverty. During the past 10 years I became involved in supporting 14 centers of abundant children in the Philippines, giving aid to 221 children. I have also become the guardian of 2 philippine children who are now reaching the stage of leading a normal life.

Photobucket Ten years ago I started everything with very little money and plenty of love. This is all a child needs to be saved from sorrow and pain. The story continues with more activities and plans for the future, to benefit children in the Philippines, South Africa, Japan and everywhere our help is needed.
To be continued..

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