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Two Sisters AIDS centre - Mpumalanga, White River, SA

Since 2008 we have been supporting the Two Sisters AIDS centre for orphans in South Africa through numerous projects, events and artistic performances to help raise awareness and support for the children there. We are working closely with Mr. Patrick Chamusso, a humble hero of South Africa and founder of Two Sisters whose life was depicted in the Hollywood movie Catch a Fire in 2006.


Find out more about the Two Sisters registered NPO in South Africa by clicking here


A heartfelt "Thank you" message to Dancing4Kids from Patrick Chamusso himself, for the support we are able to give to Two Sisters:

Activity Report

Activities driven by Dancing4Kids  to promote support and raise funds for Two Sisters


In collaboration with SACCJ we are currently accepting donations for the Two Sisters Quilting Machine project. Our target: 350,000 yen by Xmas 2012. 

Because of the great need they have to meet, Two Sisters cannot only depend on donations to get by. Therefore Two Sisters’ founder, Patrick Thibedi, has started various projects to enable the orphanage to generate supplementary income. One project that has shown a great deal of promise is their sewing project to produce and sell quilted products such as duvets and curtains.  This project aims to not only generate much-needed supplementary income for the orphanage, but also to enable the caretakers of Two Sisters to gain practical skills that they can use from now on.

This project was off to a good start with four sewing machines, purchased through the help of various donors including the SACCJ, to create the base products, and they have been able to make a small profit on the items they sell.  However, since Two Sisters lacks quilting machines of their own, they need to outsource the quilting process for an extra cost.  If they had a quilting machine to do this work themselves, their profit per item would increase tenfold.

For more details please visit the SACCJ Community page 

Funds can be sent also through our the Dancing4Kids network here



December 2011 - Patrick visits Japan. Events, interviews and special treats!

Supporting through funding and awareness:

On December 20th and through our Christmas event "Smile beat at a time" we raised 100,000 JPY for Two Sisters.

Supporting through gifts and special treats:

On December 19th we offered 3 tickets worth 50,000 JPY for the performance of Cirque Du Soleil ZED to Patrick and his family.

On December 21st, during the SACCJ Christmas party we offered a special framed photograph from our exchibition "The Road to Patrick Chamusso" signed by photographer Red Baklava and valued at 50,000 JPY to Two Sisters orphanage.

Supporting through awareness:

On December 21st, we arranged a special interview for Patrick with Mainichi newspaper.

May 2011 - Special Collaborations with TEDxTokyo, SACCJ & FCCJ

Supporting through awareness:

On May 21st Patrick Chamusso was featured at the amazing TEDxTokyo 2011 "Enter the Uknown", which was viewed live, online by over 50,000 people around the world. We thank TEDxTokyo for giving us this unique opportunity to get involved!

Supporting through funding and awareness:
On May 19th Patrick Chamusso joined us through SKYPE for a very special charity event hosted by the South African Chamber of Commerce Japan (SACCJ) in collaboration with the Foreign Correspondents Club in Japan (FCCJ). He shared encouraging words, showed his love for Japan and the victims of the earthquake disaster as well as great appreciation for all the support he has received from Japan during the recent years.

Supporting through funding
July 2011: A donation of ¥30,000 is sent to Patrick Chamusso
Donation generated: ¥120,000 (SACCJ: 92,500 + D4K: 27,500)

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