Waka-Waka, this time for Africa event supporting Two Sisters

Tokyo, June 29th 

Our own version of the Waka-Waka dance was now officially born and it's now here to stay!!!!! What a night that was!!!!! THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who joined us. It's hard to express how beautiful it was to see you all smile, to feel your wonderful energy and dance with you like there was no tomorrow. The children were just incredible and having them there beating the drums, dancing and shaking their little bodies to the rhythm was one of the most refreshing and memorable experiences. We are HUGELY grateful and delighted that you were able to be a part of this experience. It was wonderful to have had the opportunity to once again work with the amazing artists from Drum Cafe. Lirato Ndlovu Nhlapo, Bafana Enock Mhlangu and Hiro-san from Drum Cafe Japan YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!! A huge thank you also goes to Xecutive Seven Xecutive Seven (Xecutive Seven, Cohen Eyal) and all the staff for all the wonderful support and to Clinton Gass for the delicious ROOIBOS, one of South Africa's treasures and even more so because HE makes it !! Each one of you are special and beautiful!!! You can view the photos by Peter Blake who rocked the camera as he promised he would.. Thanks Peter !!!! Much love to you all and we look forward to seeing your bright smiles again soon!!


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