Owner and network creator:

Chrissi Theodorakakos

Chrissi Theodorakakos - Owner and Network Creator of Dancing4Kids: Born and raised in Athens-Greece and moved to the UK in late teens. Studied in London, achieving a Masters Degree (Msc) in Business & Computing at the City University of London. Spent years in the UK, working and travelling globally on corporate strategic projects as a leader and Process Management consultant. Major companies include Bechtel and General Electric (GE). In GE I became an Information Management Leader and then moved onto becoming a “Black Belt” after completing the training on Jack Welche’s strategic Six Sigma Quality Initiative. Since 2008 I am the creator and Director of Dancing4Kids charity network, producing events, artistic performances, awareness programs and implementing various projects to support children in South Africa, Japan and other parts of the world. I am also the Director of Programme Committee of the South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SACCJ). Other skills/experience: narration (Greek), photography, PR, marketing, media.

Collaborative Artists:

Drue Kataoka

Drue Kataoka ( is an artist and flutist born in Tokyo and based in Palo Alto, CA. She isarecipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research &EducationInstitute Award. In 2001, Drue endowed the Drue KataokaRotary ArtsScholarship. Drue’s commissioned art includes: apainting for thefirst Zero Gravity art exhibition at theInternational SpaceStation; album cover art and jazz portraits forWynton Marsalis;multiple collaborations with winemakers includingoriginal labelsfor Au Bon Climat to benefit the Make a WishFoundation, HighMuseum of Art in Atlanta, the Chicago Lyric Operaand for Chef RoyYamaguchi. Her clients range from fortune 500 CEOsto privateindividuals and families. Her charitable work includesfundraisingwith her art for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America,the KoretFoundation, the Legal Aid Society, & StanfordUniversityminority Scholarships. Her art has been covered by CNN,ABC, CBS,NBC affiliates, & in print by San Jose Mercury News,SanFrancisco Chronicle and others. In January 2011, Drue willspeakand present her art at the World Economic Forum inDavos,Switzerland.

Tremell Brown (aka Red Baklava)

Tremell Brown aka Red Baklava - Director of Photography: Born in California, raised in San Antonio. My work has shown & sold in both the private & public sector for years. It has been published, displayed in galleries & purchased by people from all over the world. My background is in Art photography & I’ve been contracted/free-lanced to shoot for many organizations throughout the years. I live by a simple credo… “Strength, Passion & Family”. I’m passionate about my work & I detest “uptight frigid photography”. I Love to shoot on location, & always, always seek to capture the free spirit of all that pass through my lens. Quite simply…I love what I do & enjoy the opportunities I have with D4K. Currently living in the U.S. in the state of Texas.


Stuart-O - Podcast, Webcast, Performer, Co-producer: Stuart-O is an artist with many talents. In Japan he is enjoying a wonderful career in television, music and podcast, also performing as a voice-over actor/narrator. He speaks fluent Japanese and has regular shows on MX-TV, NHK and the Tokyo Metropod. Last year he used his talents to support us throughout all our events in Tokyo. Once again he will be collaborating with us under various roles during our new fundraising events and performances of 2009. He will also be the host of our new Dancing4Kids broadcast service (podcast and webcast) which we plan to have early this year. We thank Stuart of his amasing support and friendship.

Stuart-O`s profile:
In Japanese:
In English:
Sample of Stuart-O's MXTV show:
Stuart-O 東京MXテレビリポーター.mp4

Usato Tomura

Usato was born in Tokyo in 1970 and is a graduate of the Kuwazawa Design School. Using illustration as his main art, his work includes character designs and advertising for some of the most famous Japanese corporate firms including Toyota, JR, SHIPS, e.t.c. Over the years he has become renowned for his "Usato style Rabbit” characters which have been featured in various corporate advertising on Youtube. One of the "Drunken Rabbit" can be seen here:
Apart from his design talents, Usato also plays the “clarinet” which he sometimes uses for communication while painting. He is currently living in Tokyo and teaches Art to students at The Obirin University.

Famous Usato Character Designs:
_1999_TOYOTA Cars, Odaiba Megaweb Museum “Trio de Samba” character design
_2001_ISETAN “bpqc”- “Harapeko-kun” character design
_2002_AMLUX TOYOTA, “Maruku”, “Lux” character designs
_2003_RABBIT (Car Dealer) logo and character design _2008_Harajuku Station Front Construction Wall Illustration

_1999_RENOWN LOOK Renown Look Genetic Manipulation
_1999_SAZABY’S Window Design for 11 stores nation wide
_2001_ISETAN “bpqc” Store Display Illustration, T-shirts, badges, tote bags
_2001_ SEIBU DEPARTMENT STORE, 3-D Creation for Pamphlets
_2005_ FUKUSUKE, fukusuke transit – T-shirts and Cotton Bags Illustration

Graphic Designs and others: _1999_TANQUERAY GIN Postcards
_1997~2001_TOKION Magazine for SHIPS Advertisement – Direction, Crafts Creation, Illustrations (Submitted for 22 issues)
_2001~2008_NARA SHIGISAN HOSPITAL – Advertisement, Illustrations, etc.

Lynne Charles
Lynne Charles - Creator/producer/performer of"Dancing4AIDSOrphans" ballet gala 2007 . D4AO is the root of Dancing4Kids. Following the D4AO performance, and before her departure to the US in 2008, Lynne Charles and our team in Japan created the Dancing4Kids group which is based in Tokyo. The D4K team runs unique cultural projects which aim to save children in need around the world while promoting international culture though dance and other forms of art. We are looking for businesses and/or individuals willing to support us through the sponsoring of outstanding fundraising events involving some of the top artists. We invite you to join us as we believe every child deserves the chance to live. Help us help them. Read more about Lynne Charles under her personal member space..

More profiles coming up..

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