Who we are and how we have evolved!

We are a volunteer network operating in Japan since 2008, supporting projects for the benefit of children and communities around the world.

Our events and awareness programs aim to help children and communities  around the world through meaningful projects that create growth and lead to a better future. ​

We focus on  education and growth and spread new ideas  and solutions to leverage progress and create new opportunities for the groups and communities we support. Visit our brand new website here!

We work with businesses, artists, social groups and individuals who share our philosophy and are excited to support our projects.​

By leveraging the power of our network and through our programs we hope to make an even greater difference in the world of giving and sharing across borders

Since 2008, we have dedicated many of our projects to supporting children orphaned by AIDS  in South Africa. Much of the work we do is with Two Sisters AIDS centre for children in South Africa. We work closely with this NGO's founder Mr Patrick Chamusso-Thibedi, who was the subject of the movie Catch a Fire because of his activities during apartheid in South Africa. Patrick's goal is to gather the necessary resources to support the children, and persuade the global community to find ways to reduce their suffering. He dreams about seeing AIDS disappear and a united world free of poverty, disease and destruction. As we share the same philosophy we have become the main contact of Two Sisters in Japan and have dedicated much of our resources to supporting children orphaned by AIDS and suffering communities around the world through stage events, artistic projects awareness programs and collaborations with top artists, dancers and musicians.

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