D4K Collaboration with the Tyler Foundation - March 2012

Project News: When I was contacted by the Tyler Foundation regarding a new project, "Sing for Japan", where children from around the world are asked to sing and perform a particular song (produced by TF) on a video to support Tohoku, I was asked if I'd be willing to get Greece involved. In the beginning I thought I would never be able to do this due to the hard times Greek people are facing at the moment. However, there was one very special person who came to mind, a friend with a huge heart and talent that's been talked about for years:http://www.wallstreetgreek.blogspot.com/2011/10/vassilakis-cool-gre... . So when Dimitri Vassilakis heard my story he immediately said: "Let's do it.. I'll try to find kids willing to sing for Japan and will work around my schedule to guide with them and make our very own version of this song!". The song and the video are now done and one thing that really touched my heart is what Dimitris mentioned in the last email: "The children grew to love the song.. it is now their own!". This put the hugest smile on my face because it is exactly what I wanted to see. A common project where children together give what they also seek: love, respect, optimism, this time through a musical message which carries their own small fingerprints and travels to the other side of the globe. ;-) 


This is an example of something that is pure and beautiful, just as our world should be. Even though Greece is going through the toughest time in decades people still manage to give to others who need encouragement to go on. All they need is a channel to show how much they care. I can't help feeling proud every time I see this. Our buddies from Greece did this for Japan through this project and with all their heart. With every melody, every word, I hear them cracking through the boundaries of time and distance like they don't exist. I hope this flies far and wide and sprinkles magic where it's needed. If you haven't seen this already, please take a look. :-)


Media News: During Patrick Thibedi's (Chamusso's) visit to Japan, Dancing4Kids organised a special interview for Patrick with Mainichi newspaper to spread awareness in Japan about the children of Two Sisters in South Africa. The article was published on February 8th 2012. Click below to view:

Mainichi Shinbun online article

Event News: Our "Smile one beat at a time" event was held on December 20th 2011

It was a great success!!  Many of our friends who joined us gave us the most wonderful feedback and encouraged us to continue to do more! Apart from the amazing entertainment and interactive drumming, we were able to raise JPY130,000 for the 2 projects we supported. An additional amount of JPY40,000 was handed out in support of Two Sisters AIDS centre in South Africa so a total of JPY100,000 was given to Patrick Chamusso (founder of Two Sisters) who attended our event as our very special guest. The Niko Niko Smile project received JPY 65,000 and this year we hope to work closer with Drum Cafe Japan and support Japan through this wonderful project.

Photo album 1 - By 37 Frames photography

Photo album 2 - By photographer Androniki Christodoulou

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