Interview with Giulia Piolanti (Cirque Du Soleil ZED) about Dancing4Kids project "The Ordinary Man"

Giulia Piolanti, an acrobatic dancer from Cirque Du Soleil ZED volunteered as one of our main choreographers and performers in the Dancing4Kids latest music/film production "The Ordinary Man". In this interview Giulia talks about her involvement in this project and shares her feelings about supporting Dancing4Kids and children in need around the world. We are deeply moved by Giulia's views and meaningful expression and actions which helped us make a difference. Her generosity, talent and great initiative was key in bringing this amazing group of performers together and making this production possible. This interview was conducted by D4K podcast professional Stuart-O in July 2010. This video was edited by Chrissi Theodorakakos using footage recorded by Cris Uberman (Telemak Films) and photography shot by her and 37 Frames Photography professionals.

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